Are Your Windows Kid Safe?

The arrival of the warmer days and cool nights is a sure sign that spring is in the air – the time of year when we can once again open our windows to let in fresh air.

However, open windows can mean an increased safety risk for young children. A child’s fall from a window can be tragic. Sadly, several tragedies occur each year across the country — tragedies that can be prevented.

The National Safety Council reminds parents that windows play a vital role in home fire safety, but they can also pose a risk of a fall in the home if other safety measures are not followed.

About 18 children ages 10 and under die annually from falls from windows, according to the National Safe Kids Campaign. Another 4,700 children ages 14 and under will require treatment each year for window fall related injuries.

Each year several children in your community fall from windows and land in area hospitals. In several cases young children have climbed onto furniture that is placed too close to an open window, and have fallen out. Remember, children are top heavy; they can be looking out an open window one minute and falling through it the next. A screen offers little protection when the weight of a child pushes against it.

Watch this YouTube video for more information.

Here are some important safety tips from Fairfax County Fire and Rescue to prevent children falling from open windows:

  • Always supervise young children; life-threatening injuries can happen in seconds to a child left unattended.
  • Close and lock windows whenever young children are around. If you need ventilation, open windows that children cannot reach. (For example, open double hung windows from the top only.)
  • Keep furniture and beds away from windows. Children can quickly climb onto window ledges and fall.
  • Keep window treatments (blinds, cords, drapes, etc.) out of children’s reach. They may injure themselves when climbing or be strangled.


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